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What personal details am I supposed to share with you? Instead of throwing together a list of accomplishments, I've decided it's more fun to let you write my bio.

Have a go at this little quiz. Hey, if you don't like any of the answers, just make something up!

1. Roberta caught the writing bug
a. while in college, using the pen name Stephen King
b. at age nine, reporting for Jack & Jill magazine about the bunny rabbits in her backyard
c. in the 1980s, while running for her second term in the Senate

2. At age 19 Roberta
a. joined the circus as a trapeze artist and moved to Bulgaria
b. was invited by NASA to become the first woman on Mars
c. published her first crime novel

3. Roberta's past jobs have included
a. falcon trainer, stock car driver, sculptor, dentist
b. taxi driver, dog walker, cross-country ski instructor, CEO
c. Santa's elf, obituary writer, Rhine River tour guide, psychologist

4. The job that sent Roberta to Europe in 1974 was
a. perfume tester
b. TV talk show host
c. soldier

5. Roberta makes her home
a. in a mountainous farm village, surrounded by cats, dogs, sheep and goats
b. on the sparkling Greek island of Karpathos, in the Aegean
c. where ever she hangs her hat

6. Her book work includes
a. a fascinating, behind-the-scenes account of chessboxing
b. ghostwriting, editing, translating
c. not enough to merit a Website

1-b; 2-none; 3-c; 4-c; 5-all (a, b, c); 6-b

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